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State National Companies, Inc.

State National Companies, Inc. acquired by Markel Corp.

Value: $919 Million

Proxy Solicitation
Vical Incorporated

Vical Incorporated Acquired by Brickell Biotech, Inc.

Value: $100 Million

Proxy Solicitation
Simmons First National Corporation

Simmons First National Corporation acquisition of Southwest bancorp, Inc. & First Texas BHC, Inc.

Value: $1 Billion

Proxy Solicitation
Arotech Corporation

Greenbriar Equity Group Acquisition of Arotech Corporation

Value: $80 Million

Proxy Solicitation
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CB Fiinancial Serivces

Acquisition of First West Virginia Bancorp, Inc.

Value: $49 Million

Proxy Solicitation
DTS, Inc.

Acquired by Tessera Technologies

Value: $850 Million

Proxy Solicitation
Lake Sunapee Bank Group

Acquired by Bar Harbor Bankshares

Value: $143 Million

Proxy Solicitation
Capital Bank Financial Corporation

Acquired by First Horizon National Corp

Value: $2.2 Billion

Proxy Solicitation

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