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Alliance Advisors is a premier proxy solicitation and corporate advisory firm, with 450 corporate clients globally and 600 assignments completed annually. Since 2010, Alliance has provided proxy solicitation, governance consulting and shareholder engagement services to prominent companies in the APAC Region. We have also successfully represented APAC clients in high profile proxy contests and M&A transactions.

We are dedicated to providing industry-leading services to meet the needs of global public companies. Alliance understands the concerns and mindsets of global investors and we work with our clients to cultivate strong investor relations programs to ensure a smooth and successful shareholder meeting. We help our clients achieve this by designing and implementing corporate governance and shareholder engagement strategies to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Proxy Solicitation

As proxy solicitor for your annual general meeting (AGM) or extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of shareholders, Alliance will identify the vote decision-makers at each foreign institutional investor (FII), distribute meeting materials directly to them, and solicit votes from these major investors.

Alliance has robust institutional investor databases detailing their voting policies and behaviors, so we can predict their voting decisions on meeting agenda items.

We will also help your engagement team arrange and prepare for conference calls with the proxy advisory firms ISS and Glass Lewis, and provide you with a copy of the ISS research and recommendation report and a summary of the Glass Lewis research and recommendation report, including an analysis of any negative recommendations.

As the FIIs submit their voting instructions, Alliance will track and report to you real-time voting via the Broadridge and ISS voting platforms.

Corporate Governance

Alliance’s corporate governance practice, which includes three former ISS professionals, will counsel you on the voting policies of ISS, Glass Lewis and the FIIs. We will also work with you to tailor your meeting agenda items and disclosures to maximize support from FIIs and the proxy advisory firms.

Alliance will provide you with ISS, Glass Lewis, and your largest FIIs’ available proxy voting policies for the proposed meeting agenda items as well as their historical recommendations/voting on the same or similar proposals. We will work with you to develop strategies to maximize advisory firm and FII support for the shareholder meeting’s agenda items.

We have successfully obtained shareholder ratification for our APAC clients for director elections, mergers, equity compensation, increase in authorized shares and capital issuance proposals, among others.

Shareholder Engagement (NDR)

Regular dialogue with top institutional investors is a bedrock of good corporate governance. It provides companies with insight into how their top holders view their corporate governance and compensation practices and permits issuers to identify pressure points and build relationships well in advance of shareholders meetings. As a result, these conversations lead to improved corporate governance profiles, which in turn leads to successful shareholder meetings.

Alliance assists APAC companies with off-season shareholder engagement, often referred to as a “Non-Deal Roadshow” (NDR). We conduct more than 70 of these programs annually for an array of clients to discuss a host of different corporate governance issues with their investors.

We will help you create an effective, targeted communications strategy to your major shareholders and prepare your staff on the issues the institution will most likely want to address. This includes feedback on the proposed meeting agenda and presentation, coordinating calls on your behalf with the voting decision maker at the specific FII, and providing you with a fact sheet and Q&A document specific to the investor prior to any scheduled call or meeting.

Shareholder Identification

From traditional corporate governance concerns to emerging environmental and social issues, institutional investors are placing increased pressure on their portfolio companies. This climate requires companies to understand who owns their stock because this intelligence is the basis of a strong corporate governance and activist defense. Alliance will analyze your record date shareholder register and consolidate FII accounts into institutional voting positions. The report will be provided in Excel format and will be updated as new intelligence arrives.

In addition, Alliance will provide you with profiles for your top FIIs, including voting policy, voting decision process, advisory firm influence, and decision-maker contact information.

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