Michael Vogele

Managing Director, Global Advisory Group

Michael Vogele is the Managing Director, Global Advisory Group. He is a multilingual professional with 22 years of experience providing consultative services on the design and disclosure of ESG topics within corporate filings. His expertise lies specifically in executive and director compensation, governance practices, data analysis, and voting trends to ultimately enhance long-term shareholder value. He has a comprehensive understanding of ISS, Glass Lewis, global mutual funds, and global pension funds proxy voting policies products.

Prior to joining Alliance, Mike worked for several years at ISS Corporate Solutions (ICS) where he advised issuers in a variety of markets on executive compensation, governance ratings, and shareholder engagement. Prior to that, Mike worked at Glass Lewis leading their engagement outreach in Europe. He is also a founding partner of IVOX, a European-based proxy research company that was acquired by Glass Lewis, which developed, marketed, and sold ESG research products.

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