Thomas Cronin

Senior Vice President

Thomas Cronin is a Senior Vice President of Proxy Solicitation at Alliance Advisors where he specializes in strategic consulting and advisory services firm that provides a full range of proxy solicitation and information agent services. With 30 years of experience, Tom has done extensive work in developing successful strategies in communicating with stakeholders. He has worked on numerous contested campaigns, including PeopleSoft Inc. vs. Oracle; Texaco Inc. vs. Carl Icahn; ValueAct Capital vs. Acxiom; Bancorp Rhode Island Inc. vs. PL Capital, LLC; and Openwave Systems Inc. vs. Harbinger Capital Partners.

Tom represented Bank One Corporation in its $55 billion merger with J.P. Morgan Chase; Bank of America and its $50 billion merger with Merrill Lynch; and Merck in its $41 billion merger with Schering Plough. He has also been involved with private equity transactions with Friendly’s, Blair Corporation and Kanbay International.

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